GR/PR: An open-source grip strength meter

gr/pr prototype and ios app mock-up

In animal models of limb disuse, grip strength (or force) is a measure used to characterize the time course and severity of muscle atrophy.

Evaluating a 60GHz mmWave radar system

mmWave Sensor Housing

Accuracy and applicability of Seeed Studio 60GHz mmWave Sensor (Breathing and Heartbeat Module) based on the MR60BHA1 60GHz radar module

Helical electrodes for electrophysiology in wild animals

helical nichrome wound around music wire and sealed with glue and held with grips

In applications where electrodes are being routed or weaved—especially if the animal will undergo full recovery and resume normal behavior (like in a wild or free-ranging animal)—lead flexibility is going to be critical to the endurance and quality of the electrophysiological recordings.