Eliminate hourly costs, get your hands dirty, or build us into your funding mechanisms.

We have a few memberships that reduce the overhead of working together. These provide ways of getting more people involved (including students or lab members) without tracking time.

Department Plan

$25,000 annual

Per Faculty/Lab Group:

  • 2 Consult or Training Hours
  • 6 Design/Build Hours
  • Limited Hub Access

Perfect for the department that wants to offer Hub resources to everyone. The hours included in this plan are well-suited for one small-to-medium-sized project. Members can always transfer to a Lab-wide or Project Plan.

Labwide Plan

$10,000 annual
  • FREE Consults and Training
  • 80 Design/Build Hours
  • Full Hub Access (key card)

Get your entire group involved. Take unrestricted advantage of our consults, training, and access along with 2-weeks of dedicated, expert design/build time.

Project Plan

$1,000 monthly
  • FREE Consults and Training
  • 8 Design/Build Hours
  • Limited Hub Access

Scale now. This plan is well-suited for narrow, well-defined project scopes. You may also consider this plan as a way to sponsor single semesters for students or postdocs.

We suggest using the membership structure if you plan on using our services within your grants. For example, a grant line item might look like this:

“$10,000/yr (for n years) Neurotech Hub at WashU: In order to achieve ________, we will utilize our in-house design and fabrication services as well as their capability to provide on-site, domain-specific training.”

We encourage you to Get in Touch if you need help tailoring our offerings to your needs or providing an initial scope of work for planning purposes.

Not a member? That’s okay, too.

Service*Internal Rate (per-hour)External Rate (per-hour)
Hub Consults/Training$60$120
Hub Design/Build$120$240
Individual Access$20Not Allowed
Ad-hoc rates.

*Internal refers to any person or group directly affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis. Note, these costs do not include raw materials.


What are the general terms for a membership?

Memberships will not be renewed automatically: approving parties will be contacted beforehand. Membership hours will be tracked internally and users will be given progress updates or notified when they exceed their plan limit/s.

How do I access the Neurotech Hub to use its resources?

We limit physical use and access to the Hub (we are not a conventional walk-in “maker space”). We allow individuals to schedule the use of equipment if they are a member (or agree to the fee schedule) and have been adequately trained: Request Training.

Access LevelDescription
LimitedTypically limited by Neurotech Hub staffing, holidays, and other pre-determined scheduling conflicts. Currently, the Hub schedule allows 9 AM – 4 PM access every weekday except Wednesday for limited members.
Full-access (key card)After completing training, a full-access member may request that their information be submitted to the facilities manager for key-card access to the Hub.
Access level descriptions.

What is included in the different services (consults, training, design/build)?

Consults. We find that consults can also solve a lot of problems if you’re open to existing solutions and just need help with putting the pieces together. We also discount consults because they serve as a time to ask you questions, understand your project, and develop a preliminary scope. This may be in the form of a discussion, reading into methods, researching tools or techniques, or reviewing a code base. At the end of a consult, we will provide a follow-up document including:

  • Project Goals
  • Project Scope (includes/excludes)
  • Resource Plan (cost/time/materials)
  • Roadmap & Timeline

Once scoped, projects undergo a review for goodness of fit by the steering committee after which they may begin. Even if a project is not a good fit for completion by us, the consult document will serve as a technical specification for outside vendors.

Training. We may conduct training in-person or virtually depending on your needs. Prior to training, we will provide review materials and a training agenda. Afterward, we will send a certificate and resources for continued learning.

Design/Build. We require at least 1-hour of consultation before moving into this stage to properly scope a project and make sure we have the raw materials. We will convert the consult form into a living document where to-do items are listed along with a projected timeline. Relevant links to code or design repositories will be available to track progress and any additional documentation will be outlined and provided. We will also provide email updates at significant milestones.

Do you bill us for parts or materials?

We will assume some costs if your material request is general purpose. Large-volume builds, specialized sensors or electronic components, niche building supplies, or short shelf-life materials will be assessed case-by-case. We generally can provide:

  • Small-volume foam, wood, acrylic, and vinyl for laser cutting
  • Basic electronic parts and materials (e.g., wire, solder consumables)
  • Screws, nuts, bolts, glue, tape, or any type of off-the-shelf fastening product
  • 3D printing resin or filament