Our vision is to enable order-of-magnitude progress.

We came together in 2018 imagining a nexus—or “hub”—within the new Neuroscience Research Building that could provide our scientists with breakthrough services and resources. Today that vision is a reality: Our Shop is more than 700 sq. ft. and contains tooling from precision laser cutters to high-resolution 3D printers that will accelerate in-house ideation, prototyping, and one-of-a-kind applications.

Our mission

We aim to accelerate progress in neuroscience by providing cutting-edge technical services on demand, and seeking, testing, and deploying paradigm-shifting or bespoke technologies. In pursuit of this mission, we are guided by three core values: communicationservice, and innovation.

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Our culture revolves around fostering open and effective dialogue, creating an environment where ideas are freely shared and collaboration thrives. By embodying this value in all we do, we facilitate the exchange of knowledge, insights, and needs, ensuring that we implement and advocate in all the right directions.

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Our commitment to service ensures that we prioritize the needs of our community and stakeholders, delivering exceptional solutions. Our service also extends beyond the laboratory into our physical and virtual communities, where we find meaningful ways to promote science education and open-source domain knowledge.

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Innovation is at the heart of our work, as we seek to continually push the boundaries of what is possible. By cultivating a spirit of exploration, we empower our team and community to challenge conventional wisdom and drive transformative breakthroughs.

If you are interested in learning more, our Culture Handbook is publicly available.

Meet the Director

I am bringing in tools and services to not only anticipate the needs of our community but to advocate for them—I want to be your resource for making ideas come to life, big or small.

Matt Gaidica, PhD
Director, Neurotech Hub
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience

When the opportunity came along to blend my entrepreneurial background with my academic training in engineering and neuroscience within the amazing (and growing!) community at Washington University in St. Louis, the decision to come here was simple.

My goal is to break down any barrier in communication or impediment to success that might normally be at the interface between you and a conventional center or core. As we grow, I want to become the premier training ground for interns or students who will gain mentorship to help realize our collective vision of doing incredible science.

I’m an Officer in the Air Force Reserve and will leverage those leadership skills at the hub; domestic innovation and training the next generation are vital to our institution and nation. I am a pilot, FIRST Robotics alumni, SCUBA diver, husband, and recent father to a wonderful little boy.

I hope you will consider signing up for our monthly newsletter. I eagerly look forward to meeting you.

Chris Allen, B.S.

Chris Allen, B.S.


Chris leads mechanical development activities and is an expert in 3D design, machining, and mechanical interfacing. He is currently finishing his masters in aerospace engineering and can be found in the Hub almost every day. Chris is delightfully competitive, acting as captain of the WashU Water Polo Club.

Steering Committee

Linda J Richards, AO, FAA, FAHMS, PhD

Chair, Department of Neuroscience and Edison Professor of Neuroscience

Robert Gereau, PhD

Vice Chair for Research; Chief of the Washington University Pain Center; Dr. Seymour & Rose T. Brown Professor of Anesthesiology

Adam Kepecs, PhD

Robert J. Terry Professor of Neuroscience, Professor of Psychiatry

Alexxai Kravitz, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Yao Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Neuroscience