We provide a variety of technical services on-demand or as part of a larger, long-term project.


  • Make tools or find them
  • Ideate/prototype form factor
  • Identify technical constraints
  • Take concept to solution
  • Seek/advocate for new tools
  • Get your preliminary data faster


  • 3D design and prototyped parts
  • 2D parts: acrylic, wood, vinyl, etc.
  • Electronics design, assembly, & testing
  • Flexible/exotic material manufacturing
  • Embedded coding (Arduino, MATLAB, C)
  • Training: you can do it!

If you think you will use the Hub often, Membership has a variety of advantages that eliminate hourly billing.


Our shop has over 700 sq. ft. of working space and tooling with a wide range of capabilities.


We have state-of-the-art electronics capabilities. We strongly believe that smaller electronic platforms that utilize flexible or exotic substrates will allow our community to address new and exciting problems across organisms.

For larger projects, we may recommend utilizing third-party assembly services and can help make those connections.

Material manufacturing

We cover a wide range of material capabilities from ≥25µm bio-compatible 3D printing to laser cutting large acrylic stock (up to 0.25″) or ablating exotic materials with our precision UV laser.

For large footprints projects, we will likely refer you to the experts in the Instrument Machine Shop.

3D Printer Materials

Printer TypeMaterialColors
ResinFormLabs WhiteWhite
ResinFormLabs BlackBlack
ResinFormLabs BiocompatibleClear, Amber
ResinFormLabs Rigid 4000White
FilamentPLABlack, Gray, White, Blue, Red
FilamentPETGArmy Green
FilamentTPU (Flex)Black
FilamentVarishore (Flex)Black
FilamentPLA Support (Washable)White
Please inquire about your needs—we can support buying new materials if they are useful for the community.

Some of our capabilities require specialized, extensive training. This is to increase the longevity of our assets and provide a safe working environment. It is best to Get in Touch if you have questions.

What we don’t

We take pride in finding a way, but there are certain things we will generally say “no” to. They include:

  • n >> 50 parts (in-house)
  • Handle large part ordering/inventory
  • Debug existing software or perform IT work
  • Unearth old or undocumented electronics
  • Cut/sand wood (due to dust)


You must Request Training before scheduling equipment; all members are required to use the schedule. After selecting your piece of equipment below, you will choose a calendar based on your membership level. Excessive no-shows may compromise membership status—we thank you for being responsible stewards of our time and yours!

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